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the FM station you're on, and if playing mp3's from an SD memory card, it shows which track is playing. Oh, and this battery console functions as an additional light.

Set it up in the way that suits you and your space best, and don't forget you can always daisy-chain more BioLite SiteLights if your space requires.

  • The 620 = 6 Watts and 20 Watt Hours = 6-watt solar panel and 20 watt hour battery inside the control box

  • Entire system comes packed in a kit about the size of a shoebox

  •  Currently In Use in Other Countries

    • structure into an off-grid home

    • 6 watt solar panel captures daily sun, and connects to the control box that powers the whole system

    • 21 foot cable for connecting the solar panel to the control box

    • Solar panel dimensions: 11.4 x 7.5 x 0.5 in.

    • The control box provides full control of the system, allowing you to monitor your power, charge devices, play music or the radio, and even function as another light source

    • Includes a total of three hanging lights, and 18 feet of daisy-chainable cables for lighting multiple rooms or tents

    • Wall mounted switches control the hanging lights and can adjust the lights to three levels of brightness

    • One of the hanging light features a motion sensor and security mode that both saves power and can alert you of passersby

    • Each light has a 100 lumen max, or 400 max lumens across the four lights of the whole system


  • Item #: H620LWG


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