Biolite Cookstove with recarchable power pack
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Featuring a USB-rechargeable powerpack instead of a thermo-electric generator, the streamlined CookStove provides up to 30 hours of optimized wood cooking on a single charge. Four fan speeds control flame size, enabling you to boil rapidly or enjoy a campfire feel. Leave the gas canisters behind and cook meals using the sticks around you. 

Please note that while the CookStove does not generate its own electricity like the CampStove does, it is 25% lighter and at a lower $99.95 price point.

Please also note that the KettlePot and Portable Grill are both compatible with the CookStove.
All Boilite accessories can be used on this stove. Can be charged with the new solar panel 5 and 5+
  • Item #: LWGCS

Biolite Cookstove with recarchable power pack

Price: $99.95
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