Grizzly Coolers (Grizzly 40) Made In USA
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Grizzly Quote:Grizzly Coolers are made to be the toughest, highest-quality coolers on the market. We put our coolers through their paces to ensure that we are providing the highest quality products to our consumers. We have attained Bear Proof Certification for our coolers, where our coolers were able to stay sealed after being attacked by bears for over an hour. In addition to IGBC Testing, we have also run our own stress tests to ensure that the cooler will retain its shape, look, and functionality through even the most extreme conditions.

Our smallest cooler was even placed under the wheel and bucket of an 11,000-lb tractor without being damaged. We have driven cars onto them, used them as bike lifts to work on motorcycles, and more to ensure the strength and durability of the products we build. Our entire line of coolers, from the smallest to the largest, are held to the high standard of excellence so that every customer receives the best possible cooler.

That toughness goes deep into our coolers as well. Our coolers keep what's on the inside safe as well. Coolers can take a beating from the sun and heat as well, and our coolers have been put to the test there as well. Our Grizzly 400 Cooler has been tested to retain ice for over 19 days. We hold our work to the highest standard so we can provide the strongest, most durable, most usable, and most effective coolers possible.

Ice retention 6 days, 14 hours

Weight Pounds 22 Outside Dimensions 25.5"W X 16"D X 15.5"H

Inside Dimensions 18"W X 11"D X 12"H

Capacity 56-12OZ cans

28-12OZ bottles

40 lbs of contents


Grizzly Coolers: For A Lifetime

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Grizzly Coolers (Grizzly 40) Made In USA

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